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Be your self when you are dating

To be yourself is the very first & most important advice you would love to follow. You might have heard it before, that the single most important piece of advice you can follow when going on a date is "to be yourself".

What does "Being Yourself" mean? It means not putting on any behaviour which isn't you when you are dating. It means not pretending to be something you are not. And let's be clear, it certainly means don't try to show what is not part of your personality.

If you want to form a good lasting relationship with someone, then you are not going to make a start by telling them things about yourself which aren't true. Tell them your real part and also tell them how you are improving it. Most people when they hear something untrue or realize it later, at least ask themselves: 'Is this person being completely honest?' Others will see the untruth, for what it is, right away. Either way you would have created a bad impression. Remember "First Impression is the last impression".

Honesty is the key to forming lasting relationships. And this has to begin right from the word GO.

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