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Bridal Portraits - Little Secrets

One thing I skipped when I got married was the rendez-vous for bridal portraits. Though I believed they might have been very neat to have, I decided that I really didn't want to get dressed up in my wedding gown and pay for a hairdo before the big day, only to have to do it all a second time for the actual event. I understand these are important to some women, but for me,it not only saved money to skip them, it wasn't something that I felt I needed to do.

For some reason, I preferred to be dressed up in my beautiful wedding dress and looking splendid on my wedding day only. I thought it would not be as special the second time. I was right.

I would not have felt as good if I had put my gown on for bridal portraits before the wedding day, and I definitely didn't feel like doing it after the fact. I decided to take all the photos I needed the day of the wedding and it stayed that way. I do understand why many agree to do the bridal portraits, and I can also understand the reason this could be a benefit to some. The principal explanation is that they don't feel stressed or rushed, and they don't feel they are making guests waiting around for them to finish on their wedding day.

It does cuts the amount of time spent with the photographer after the main event, and I believe all the wedding guests would love that. For some couples, the bridal portraits odyssey could be more significant than the wedding day. This happened to a friend of mine.

She is a wonderful young woman, but she is somewhat hung up on what her parents expect of her. All they wanted was a big portrait to hang in their home, and that was that. She could have done it on the wedding day, but she had to keep the photos down as much as she could. She made the appointment for her bridal portraits and said she had a good time doing them, but she also said she thought it took away from the wedding day a bit for her. Each bride should decide for herself, and in the end, it won't be very important.

The important thing is to make the experience what the couples dreams it to be, and not to be hung up on what others think is right. If a woman thinks it could take away from how she feels on her wedding day, they should be avoided. No harm done.

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Bridal Portraits - Little Secrets

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