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Creating a Wedding Inspiration Board

It always surprises me that brides start out believing that event management and styling a wedding is easy! Believe me, it isnât. Combine family dramas with the stress of making important decisions for your big day, supplier angst, budget woes, along with the anxiety of day-to-day living and youâre in for one great big ride! But, boy what a fun ride it is!

Wedding planning and event management is a combination of art and science! Thereâs the creative side (which is the fun part) and thereâs logistical side which is far less exciting, but absolutely imperative if your day is going to be magical.

Today, letâs talk about the fun stuff!

When I work with clients to put together their big day, we start with a conversation about what they have dreamed of. Itâs important to me that the dreams are big and the imagination is wild because we shouldnât be limited by budget in the first instance. I always say, start with a grand wish-list and then we can think about how to cull the more unimportant items from there.

I ask questions like:

âœWhen did you meet? Describe the location, the feeling, the atmosphere.â
âœWhat is your most beautiful childhood memory?â
âœWhat family or cultural elements would you like to integrate into your day?â
âœDo you have any favourite colours? Favourite smells? Favourite destinations?â
From there, we put together an Inspiration Board, which is a reflection of these ideas. The Inspiration Board includes fabric swatches, cut outs from magazines, family photographs, words and inspirations, all on one board that we colour copy and hang in a place that will remind all of us what the day is about. This Board is the inspiration for every element of the day.

Why not give this a go yourself?


About the Author (text)Sit back, relax and enjoy your next celebration as the www.PinkFrosting.com.au team, under the direction of Kathryn Porritt, creates event magic for you.

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Creating a Wedding Inspiration Board

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