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Finding Your Perfect Dating Match

Your Blueprint for Dating Over sixty percent of first dates end without one of the individuals involved accepting or asking for a second date. It is extremely difficult to pair two people together that enjoy each others company enough or even have enough in common to bother going out more than once. Usually, one of the two people spot something about the other on the first date that spells the end of any hope for a relationship. This is largely due to indecision. Neither of the individuals have a set schematic for what they want in a long term dating match.

Therefore, one little thing is enough to scare them off, as they are uncertain to whether they can handle this quirk in an ongoing relationship. Unfortunately, a lot of relationships that could have worked out and even ended in a lifetime relationship are ended due to the uncertainty. The individuals did not prepare themselves. Preparation is simple enough, but not so simple that it can be overlooked.

One has to search within him or her self to find the proper schematic for the perfect match in the process of dating. Fortunately, there is an overall blueprint for finding the exact questions to ask yourself to find your perfect date. Question 1: Am I physically attracted to this person? If there is no physical attraction, there can be no emotional attraction. Attraction is the key aspect of building a relationship. It is a process that starts with physical attraction and inevitably leads to emotional attraction. It's not love at first site, but it must be attraction at first site.

http://juble.com/ Question 2: Why am I interested in this person? There has to be more than simply physical attraction in finding your perfect dating match. What is it about them, beyond the physical realm that catches your attention? Physical attraction alone simply leads to a one-night stand. The wise dater will be physically attracted, but look a little deeper beyond the surface.

Question 3: Are we compatible? Are you compatible with this person? Do you have similar interests? Overall, are you interested in hearing this person's opinion on things? Do they offer anything to a communication? What do you have to offer them that would make them want to be with you? Question 4: Can I handle their quirks? Everyone has something about them that gets on other peoples nerves. For some, it might be finishing someone else's sentences. For others, it could be biting nails, vanity, or even a nervous twitch. You have to ask yourself if you can look beyond this and quickly learn to not even notice it at all? Does it really even matter to you or does it drive you insane? Question 5: What am I in this for? This is the overall ultimate question. This is the one that will decide the future of your dating with this, or any particular match. Are you in it to find someone to hang out with, to share your thoughts and feelings with? Are you in it to find a friend, a lover, or a one-night stand? In the end, your motives are the only aspect of dating that you can control.

Utilizing the above blueprints, you can make a noticeable difference in your dating life. However, it is important to remember that you control only one half of the overall equation. It takes two to make it work and you have no control over the other person. However, if you know your own schematics, you are far more likely to find your perfect dating match and to kept them. http://juble.


Finding Your Perfect Dating Match

Finding Your Perfect Dating Match

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