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Get A Romantic Honeymoon - Cruise Hawaii

Millions of tourists travel to Hawaii every year. Amongst the visitors are thousands of young couples getting there or are having their honeymoon in the islands of tropical Hawaii. In order make the honeymoon even more romantic and memorable, many couples choose to go on Hawaii honeymoon cruises. There are many marriage agencies to help these couples to get married, plan their honeymoon and book cruises for them. This pacific island state made history when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese during world war 2.

Since then many movies have re-enacted this event. Many other movies were also made about the tropical islands because of its lush tropical landscape, volcanic mountains and beautiful romantic islands. Elvis Presley starred in perhaps the most well known romantic movie 'Blue Hawai'. Another immensely popular movie was the musical 'South Pacific'. All these movies presented to the world the beautiful exotic charm of the Hawaiian Islands and depict the state as a romantic holiday destination. Given this romantic representation of Hawaii, it naturally attracts romantic couples to the Hawaiian shores.

Since the state of Hawaii is made up of many pacific islands, what better way to honeymoon in Hawaii than choosing Hawaiian honeymoon cruises? Hawaii is a paradise filled with beautiful beaches, scenic volcanoes and many other tourist attractions. The islands are located in the Pacific Ocean near Polynesia. It is the fascinating and awe inspiring natural landscape that draws millions of tourists every year. Peak tourism months are November to March.

During this time, honeymoon cruises must be booked way well in advance. This is also the peak season for surfing and whale watching making the northern shore of Oahu and Maui islands very popular for honeymooners to disembark and enjoy themselves on the island beaches. Popular islands for visiting tourists are Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii's Big Island. These islands are all networked by two local airlines with inter-connections between islands.

Nine in every ten visitors will visit Oahu where the famed Waikiki Beach and the state's capital city, Honolulu resides. It is fun to immerse yourself in the culture of the Hawaiian people. Couples can try their hands at dancing the hula hula and taking part in a luau (Hawaiian feast).

If you are interested in the local culture, go and discover the uniquely blended Hawaiian, Portuguese, and Mexican cultures - still alive and celebrated among Hawaiian paniolo (cowboys) on the island's big ranches. If you are a history buff, do take a visit to the historical Kealakekua Bay where Captain James Cook was killed in 1779 by the islanders or Pearl Harbor, the scene of destruction by the Japanese on the navy US fleet more than half a century ago. Thinking of going for a romantic honeymoon? Try Hawaiian honeymoon island cruises and have a memorable vacation.

Chris Chew is an author and avid traveler.Carribean cruises and Hawaii vacations

Get A Romantic Honeymoon - Cruise Hawaii

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