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How To Use MySpace To Get A Hot Date Tonight

This article is intended to help you guys land a date with some of the hottest MySpace chicks out there. As an example, I'm going to use my twenty-six year old friend, who I have nick-named 'Cranky Bob.' Hopefully Bob's story will serve as a model to help you guys get a date tonight! I have known Bob since college.

He's a great looking guy that's never had a problem meeting women. But suddenly, a few months ago, Bob announced that he was sick of the bar and club scene. The scene "got boring," he said. Since then, I have been calling him 'cranky' Bob. Bob's always been pretty picky.

His 'dream girl' has a slamming body, great sense of humor, and similar interests (how many women out there are 'Scarface' fans?). But what guy doesn't want to find all of those things, right? I kept sending Bob emails to join MySpace. It seemed like all of our former female classmates were eligible. At least once a week I received an email: "How's Bob doing? Is he married yet?" I told him all about it. And then finally, with some reluctance, Bob joined MySpace.

I was so glad! I mean, MySpace is free, it's fun, and it really helps people stay connected! In fact, a close friend of mine recently hooked up with a woman he hadn't seen since high school! If it worked for him, why couldn't it work for Bob? In pursuit of a really hot date, Bob began browsing through MySpace profiles of women in his age group and current location. He narrowed his search to include single women and divorced women. He also 'checked' the swinger 'box' out of curiosity (sure, Bob!). With one click of his mouse, Bob was immediately presented with thousands of women that met his search criteria. He was overwhelmed! Blondes in risque poses, brunettes with martini's in hand, and an adorable little red-headed bookish type looking for Mr. Right.

"How do I make contact with these women?" Bob asked me. "First," I told him, "you have to make a MySpace profile." Bob immediately chose a username and uploaded a recent photograph of himself. But as an inexperienced MySpace user, Bob's profile looked rather dull. I tried explaining that he should 'spruce it up' a little and I even added him as a friend. After all, a guy with "0" MySpace friends looks like a total loser.

I offered him some additional pointers. "You seriously need to pimp your profile" I told him. He shook his head in confusion, but I knew he'd thank me later.

In a total of one hour, Bob's profile went from "lame guy" to "total hottie." First, we used MySpace's search engine to find a really cool MySpace layout design. Next, we browsed through the different results we found. There were so many of them, but we just clicked on the first one and looked until we found an awesome MySpace layout for Bob. The new layout, which came with a funky red background, really made Bob's picture stand out.

But the photograph still seemed a little too boring. I asked Bob if he had any pictures that would make women drool. He looked at me like I was half-crazy. But I kept pushing until I got him to allow me to take a new picture (I'm very persistent). Once Bob uploaded the new picture on his MySpace profile, my jaw dropped. "Bob really IS a hottie," I thought.

Within days, Bob was contacted by several different local women. He added each of them as MySpace friends. Three of them gladly accepted his invitation.

Over the next few days, after many emails, two of the women wanted to go out on a date with Bob. One wanted to go to the movies and 'do dinner,' the other wanted to see an art exhibit. Unfortunately, Bob didn't have enough money to take either of them out.

He asked each of them if they'd like to go to the beach or for a stroll through the park, but they both declined. For a really memorable date, Bob needed cash. If only he knew How To Make Money On MySpace. Without a steady income, Bob continued to look for the perfect girl. But nobody gave him the time of day. Out of desperation, he even searched MySpace groups for "sex.

" Suddenly, Bob realized that it wasn't the bar and club scene that had become boring. It was HIM that became boring. His efforts were useless.

Without a dime in his pocket, he stared at his MySpace Group's search results. Depressed, alone, and cranky, Bob looked through the pictures of beautiful women and sighed. I was really upset to hear about Bob's dilemma. Fortunately, I'm a good friend and I always look to help people out. When I heard there was a way to Learn How To Make Money On MySpace I told Bob all about it. Bob's eyes opened up and he fell in love with the information and started to make some money right away.

Now he has plenty of money for his dates. Flowers? No problem. Eating out in swanky restaurants? Sure. Today, Bob utilizes MySpace and dates several different beautiful women on a weekly basis. He's a total stud and the women on MySpace swoon over him.

You should see his MySpace page! It's filled with flirtatious comments. Every time he lands a date, he puts a red circle on his calendar (which is filling up quite fast!). So guys, if you're looking to get a better date tonight, make sure you have cash in your pocket, a killer MySpace profile, and an adorable female friend to point you in the right direction!.

Anna Bell is a Certified MySpace Whore See her blog here For more information, please visit www.MakeMoneyOnMySpace.NET

How To Use MySpace To Get A Hot Date Tonight

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