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Keeping Things Alive in the Bedroom Even When You Have Kids

A lot of men and women that are married with kids are unhappy with their sex lives. Often spouses get angry, hurt, and even go so far as to cheat or even get a divorce because the sex just is not what it once was. The fact of the matter is that both parties are responsible for their sex life, and like every other aspect of a relationship, it can take a lot of work with children.

While many married couples have these blissful pictures of children and married life, it doesn't always work out that way. Between work, school, and household duties one or both individuals can end up too tired to tend to every aspect of the relationship, including the sexual aspect. Keeping It Spicy Many married couples fall into a routine, and it's hard not to when you've been together for many years. Your life is full of routines, so before you know it sex has also become routine. What couples with children need to do is to work hard not to let sex become too routine or too mechanical.

Couples should be having sex because they want to have sex, not because they feel like they have to. The way to do this is to keep your partner on his or her toes all the time! Spontaneity Keeps It Going Married men and women often wonder where that spark, that heat, that certain something went when they had kids. That certain something is also known as spontaneity.

True, it can be difficult to just tear one another's clothes off in the middle of the day or night with kids, but you can still keep it very spontaneous. When the kids are watching television, when older children are in the shower or bath, or doing homework married couples can find five or ten minutes to have a "quickie" that will breathe new life into that old sexual routine. While these quickies should not be what it is all about, it can make both parties hungry for more so that they do make time for sex more often and that they break out of the rut they are currently in. Maintaining a healthy sex life when you have children can be difficult, but if both parents are dedicated to keeping the spark alive it can be done. If you have sex because you want to have sex and you take every chance you have to get intimate, you'll find that it doesn't matter how long you've been married or how many kids you have, your sex life can be great!.

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Keeping Things Alive in the Bedroom Even When You Have Kids

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