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Making A Good First Impression In Dating chat rooms

As you already know, and we mentioned earlier too, first Impression is the last impression. First of all there are no second chances of making a GREAT First Impression. The first few seconds of contact become a standard impression for every subsequent impression you make. When meeting someone from the teen chat rooms for the first time, those first moments are critical to how that person thinks of you.

In romance many of us take a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach. In just few seconds of reading the first couple of lines of an email or glancing at a profile or extending your hand and offer a friendly "hello", someone is forming a first and lasting impression of you. Is it a good one?

Several hundred single men and women from dating chat rooms that were attending dating and flirting classes were asked to list the attributes they find attractive and unattractive in a potential partner. Below is a list of the most frequent responses. Although many of these attributes may not be immediately apparent, but most will show up sometime during a first date.

Attributes Leading To A Positive Impression:

  • warmth

  • sense of humor

  • imagination

  • confidence

  • success

  • fitness

  • individuality

  • body language

  • conversational ability

  • aspiration

  • power

  • creativity

  • kindness

Attributes Leading To A Negative Impression:

  • self-centered

  • closed minded and judgmental

  • lack of manners

  • poor conversational ability

  • negative life attitude

  • lack of education

  • immature

  • indecisive/without an opinion

  • lack of integrity

  • war stories from past relationships

  • whining and complaining

  • shallowness

  • only interested in sex

  • power games and manipulation

  • materialistic

There are no do-overs when it comes to first impressions, yet many of us fail to put our best foot forward during early romantic encounters. We want to be loved for who we are and are leery to "package" ourselves in any way. This is understandable, but not always realistic. Dating is a numbers game and, like it or not, dating occurs in a competitive environment. The next positive, first romantic impression you make may turn into life-long love - not a bad return on a relatively minor investment.

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