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Online Dating - Is It For You

Online dating is one of the great e-commerce success stories on the Internet. Clearly for a business model to become so successful the business must well serve a huge demand. Matchmaking services are not something that are new.

Far from it. The matchmaker has been a part of societies around the world for many years. In fact, with a little research, you could easily date matchmaking as a business model that is thousands of years old. So why the excitement over a business that has been around for so long? Of course, the answer is the worldwide reach and power of the Internet and the data sorting and sifting capabilities of modern computers. The Internet has given matchmakers and new Internet dating services worldwide reach with all of the exciting possibilities that expanding the population of potential partners by thousands and thousands of attractive singles brings to the business.

Contrast the almost immediate access to thousands of compatible potential partners with the few choices, perhaps poor ones at that, of singles living in small villages of only a few years ago. Even singles living in large cities may have had a difficult time in meeting and exchanging ideas and lifestyle preferences with suitable people. Then the Internet offers the privacy and comfort of looking for a suitable and exciting soul mate from the comfort and safety of ones own home. Many singles do not like the traditional way of meeting folks in the real world, like the bar scene, or well meaning but intrusive friends and relatives setting up close encounters with folks that they think are right for you. Another blind date? No thank you. Internet dating services also serves well another large segment of the population that many don't think about too much as being in the dating pool.

That would be the senior dating market. Seniors generally feel odd and out of place trying to meet a potential partner in a crowed bar, disco or nightclub and have a limited pool of potential partners available at their church or that are within their social circle. Internet dating services opens up an entire world of people who share the same interests and with similar personal circumstances.

And they can make contact with interesting people discreetly at their own pace. What a blessing. The future of the Internet dating business seems assured as the business serves well the needs of millions of singles worldwide. While the online business is very competitive a smart Internet operator who offers a full range of desired dating services at reasonable prices should do well as the online dating business continues to grow at a high rate.

Gerald is an Internet business developer who has a great interest in developing a portifolio of Internet information and service sites. Additional information may be found at All-My-Love.Com

Online Dating - Is It For You?

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