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Tuxedo Types for Different Occassions

Selecting the tuxedo formal wear for your event is simple once you understand the tuxedo types and the formality the occasion or event. You can then match the type of coat with the affair and then add your accessories accordingly. Lets start by taking a look at wedding tuxedos.

When it comes to weddings, most people focus on the bride's gown, as well as the gowns worn by the bridal party. However, finding the right tuxedo for the groom and his groomsmen can also be just as challenging. Since there are so many different choices from which to choose, the best thing you can do is educate yourself on all the options so you can choose exactly what you want. The tuxedo does have to work with the body type of the man.

While a man may not tell anyone how important this is to him, the truth is that it is. To help you make best choice for a groom or groomsmen's tuxedo take a look at the below list of possibilities to consider. Semiformal Weddings - for a daytime wedding, you want a dark gray or black sack coat or gray waistcoat, a white pleated or off white standard shirt, long necktie, and black business shoes. For an evening wedding, choose a dark tuxedo or business suit, white shirt, and coordinating shoes for a winter wedding and for the summer, a lighter colored or navy business suit, or tuxedo, white shirt, long necktie, and coordinating shoes Formal Weddings - for a daytime wedding, choose a gray or black morning coat, also known as a cutaway cost, or gray waistcoat with gray, striped trousers, a stiffly starched white turn with turndown collar or dress ascot, gray gloves, and black, patent leather shoes. If the wedding will be held in the evening, then you want to wear a black tailcoat and matching trousers, a white pique waistcoat, white, bosom shirt with wing collar that has been starched, a white bowtie, white gloves, and black patent leather shoes. In choosing the right style of formal wear, consider the time of day your event starts, the formality of the event, and the dress requirements listed on your invitation.

The tuxedo formal wear you decide upon may be a simple tuxedo, or something more elegant. Cutaway coat - a long coat usually in dark grey, worn in morning weddings. Designer - fashion formal wear uniquely designed by the top menswear names, such as Calvin Klein, After Six, Fumagelli, Geoffrey Beene, Giorgio Bissoni, Neil Allyn, and Manzoni. Dinner jacket - formal standard length evening jacket with notched or shawl collar, in white or ivory only. Director's suit - similar to a business jacket, worn for a daytime formal wedding only. Full dress tails or tailcoat - short in the front and long in the back, the black coat for the most formal occasions.

Regular coat - the formal coat length which extends to the second knuckle, worn at daytime or evening occasions. Stroller - daytime formal coat with a regular cut but does not have a satin lapel, worn with contrasting vest and a four-in-hand tie. Tails - high end formal dress coat with a cosmetic vent in the back of the coat, creating the rear tails. Reserved for the ultra formal, evening occasions. Tuxedo - the standard formal coat length, with single or double breasted satin lapels.

Common word to describe all men's formal wear. Suitable for almost all formal occasions, including weddings, prom and tux required events. Vintage or Classic - outdated styles that are no longer manufactured but still classic formal wear.

Waist coat / Eton / Spencer - a coat that is tight fitting and ends at the waist. Worn at evening functions with matching or contrasting trousers. Lets not forget the color issue too. Black or grey formal wear offers timeless elegance.

To add a touch of color, accent your look with a colored vest, pocket square or cummerbund. White tuxedos are only for certain tropical climates; it is best to avoid them. Pastel colored tuxedos are starting to come back, but steer clear of them. Even selecting a colored vest can be tricky you may not match the colors the bride or your date will be wearing. Lastly, did you know you can own a tuxedo for the same price as renting one? You will also find that with the right selection you will not go out of style and can use the tuxedo for future events without having to worry about planning.

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Tuxedo Types for Different Occassions

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