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Wedding Invitations A Guide for Couples

The function of the wedding invitation is of course to invite your guests to attend your wedding. To this end it should be a card with all the information of your wedding printed on. In fact, most couple will not be satisfied with a simple card. They would like to choose some cards which are more unique in terms of design.

Before you actually choose your wedding invitation, you have to understand that normally you will try to send your invitation to your guests eight to ten weeks before your wedding. And it may probably two one and a half month to product your cards.

As a result, you should try to order your wedding invitation at least three months before your big day. Otherwise your guests may not have enough time to reply you and prepare to attend to your wedding.

In terms of designs and styles, there are various choices. You can order a formal invitation if you are going to have a formal wedding.

On the other hand, you may also order some less formal designs. You can have color printing invitations, foil printing cards and so on. And you should try to choose it based on your needs and budget.

As a matter of fact, it is always difficult to choose the most suitable invitation for your wedding. If you do not want to spend so much time on it. You can still have some choices.

You can order some ready to use or ready to print cards from some vendors and you can just add the information of your wedding on these ready made cards. Of course it will be more difficult for you to customize the design if you are going for this option.

On the contrary, if you can afford the time and money. You can try to find some cards which can really match your wedding theme. For example, if you are going to have a Victorian style wedding, you may try to design your wedding invitation such that it is also in the Victorian style.

In fact, there are also some opinions that you do not really need to make your invitation match the theme of your wedding. Instead, you may want to create your wedding cards such that they match your personality. You will also have numerous options if you are going to find something which can match your personality. There are a lot of cards which is of very modern look.

You can also find a lot of funny designs. These designs will be perfect if you are someone who love joking very much.

The envelope is also very important when you are choosing your wedding invitation. You should also choose the envelope with care.

Of course the design of the envelope will also match the design of your wedding invitation. You can also have your envelope tailor made. However, the price will probably be higher if you go for this option!


About the Author (text)Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer. He has a great interest in Chinese Style Wedding Invitations. His works can be found from http://www.983wedding.com. His personal blog is http://www.weddingabc.net and some other wedding vendors can be found from http://www.imarry.org

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Wedding Invitations: A Guide for Couples

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