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What Makes for a Successful Marriage

It takes a very long time to build trust in a relationship and anything that betrays this trust can spell disaster for your marriage. While we all know that love, compassion, affection, and trust are essential ingredients of a successful marriage, there is more that goes into making a marriage successful. Five Qualities That Partners Must Have to Make the Marriage a Long-Term Success Just as there would be no music without the music notes, a marriage cannot be successful without the efforts of both the people. Both the partners need to have certain qualities in order to make the marriage work.

If one partner has these qualities, whereas the other does not, the marriage may or may not be successful. Let us discuss the five qualities that married partners should absolutely have to make the marriage a long-term success in the following section.

  • Loving and Caring A marriage will lose half of its charm without the most special ingredient - love.

    Love can create such a strong bond between the two partners that it becomes very hard to break this bond, no matter what. As the love gets stronger, the ability of the partners to overcome all the challenges and tough times also becomes stronger. Every marriage has rough patches and tough times. However, only a resilient marriage can survive these rough patches.

    Love brings resilience to a marriage. Therefore, both the partners need to love and care for each other. There are times when partners love and care for each other but fail to display their love to each other.

    Displaying love does not mean that you need to keep hugging or kissing your partner all the time. Love can be shown in simple ways. Love is taking a day off from work to be by your spouse's bedside when he or she is ill.

    Love is putting the need of the one you love before your own need. However, loving your partner does not mean losing your own identity or personality. Show your love and affection in whatever way you can.

  • Trustworthiness Can you trust your partner completely? Partners should be sure of this fact before they get into a marriage. Once in a marriage, your partner's trustworthiness can determine the future of your marriage to a large extent. Most people tend to think that casual flirting is harmless in a marriage.

    However, never underestimate the power of the forbidden fruit. Both the partners need to be completely committed and faithful to each other if they want their marriage to survive.

  • Problem Solver Does your partner run away from fights rather than sorting them out? Does your partner feel that you can sleep on a fight and things will be ok next morning? If the answer is yes, your marriage may be heading towards disaster. It is absolutely imperative for both the partners to have a 'problem solving' attitude rather than 'running away from a problem' attitude. Fights and problems are very natural in a marriage and should never be viewed negatively. In fact, most couples tend to become closer to each other after sorting out a fight because it helps them understand each other in a better manner.

  • Supporting Marriage means sharing your happiness as well as sorrows with your partner. It is very natural for most spouses to break a good or a bad news to their partners. A partner going through a rough time hopes to feel better with the love and support of his or her partner during this time.

    Therefore, it is important for you to be supportive of your partner, no matter what. For example, if your partner is feeling low because the promotion that he or she wanted badly went to someone else, you need to make sure that your partner does not feel inadequate in anyway because of this. Therefore, cheer him or her up, go for a nice dinner, and celebrate life anyway. It is important to extend your support even in moments of happiness.

  • Tolerant No two people can be the same and, therefore, there will be differences. As a result, you are bound to not like some of the habits or behaviour displayed by your partner. However, not liking something about your partner does not mean that you should express your anger or frustration about it. For all that you know, you may have your own set of annoying habits that your partner tolerates. Consequently, it is important to understand that no one is perfect.

    Be tolerant of your partner's behaviour or habits that you may not be able to appreciate or understand.

    James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see http://www.quickie-divorce.com

    What Makes for a Successful Marriage?

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